Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You know what I like?

This is what I like.  I like the show House Hunters.  b makes fun of me for watching it.  I like it, and apparently so does Lulu.  She is only 6, but in some ways she is older than her years.  She analyzes what she likes and doesn't like about each house.  One time I caught her surfing the web, and she was looking at kitchen ideas.  It cracked me up.  She and I looked at Pinterest together and she is currently obsessed with all things Fiji and Haiti, so we have started us a dream travel board on there of photos she likes.

After years of hating potatoes, I finally found a way I actually like them.  I saw a recipe (somewhere) for mashed potato soup.  It was good.  It might have been due to the heavy addition of cheese though.  And don't forget the bacon, albeit turkey bacon. 

I love the smell of laundry detergent.  I frequently stroll down the cleanser aisle at the store, just to smell the wonderful aromas.  I am probably damaging some part of my body somewhere with the chemicals I am also breathing in. 

Speaking of which, I tried doing an apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair.  WOW!  My hair was so soft.  I tried it again a few days later but it just felt greasy.  I think there is an actual ratio to use, but I just poured a little in a cup, added water and dumped it on my head after I had washed my hair.

I like color.  I like light.  The thing about winter is that there is no variety in the color and it is just dark too much.  The sky, trees, ground, and surroundings are gray and white.  I couldn't stand the gray film from salt on the road any longer.  Yesterday I fixed up a bucket of soapy water to wash the van.  I was so determined I didn't let a faulty hose stop me, although it sure froze my fingers.  I got most of the grime, including the chocolate milk spilled down the side after I forgot about a sippy cup that was on the roof when we started driving away.

What else do I like?  Dark chocolate!!!!  It is so good.  I am the only one that likes it around here.  That is fine with me!

 I also like to kiss on my babies.  I just love the little fringe of hair around their forehead line.  Baby Butterfly tries to give kisses too.  Hers are more like she is ready to eat someone though.  She had a check up today and all is going well for her.  Her newest accomplishment is giggling.  It is not yet the full out belly laugh, but she giggles when you blow raspberries on her tummy.

Also, I have a new perspective of Elder L. Tom Perry.  Our area had a training session where he was the key note speaker.  He is 93 and he is hilarious!  I guess I didn't realize this side about him, because he and the other apostles are so much more formal at conference.  He wasn't just goofing off though, he was teaching and expecting results, but in a humorous way.  It was a great lesson to me.

oh fiddle faddle

Some of the stories posted on here recently might look familiar.  That's because I have most entries saved as drafts and I have been going through and printing them out for my journal, then deleting the pictures, and then for some reason it publishes it under the current date.  Someday I will go back through and apply the correct date to them.  I didn't realize it was doing that, so nothing new around here!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby- The 2013 Model

Our little missy made her appearance last week!!!.  I expected her to come sooner because I had on-and-off moderate contractions for nearly two weeks before her birth and she had already dropped down pretty low in the birth canal.  We made a couple of trips to the hospital thinking I was finally in real labor, because given how far we live from the hospital and how un-textbook like my labor is, I worried I would end up giving birth at home or in the car! When we checked in for real I was dilated to an 8, so I was glad that much had already been accomplished.  The big difference between this baby's birth is that I got an epidural for the first time (besides my C-section).  I had been debating over it but decided to go for it because I thought it would help me relax, and it did!  The nurses had to give me a jolt of Pitocin to help my contractions grow closer together and I even semi-slept for a little bit.  It was weird but it was nice too.  the only thing I didn't like was that my blood pressure dropped and then I felt really shaky for a bit.

Anyway, our little gal was born in the mid-afternoon and was perfect in every way.  The nurses were so great and the doctor on call was one of my favorite ones in the practice.  I feel lucky because the same doctor was there for all of my children's births.

The older kids were excited to meet their new sister, except for little Spike.  He hasn't acknowledged her much, but he is starting to pay more attention to her.  I am sure the day will come when they will be partners in crime.  The girls love to kiss her head, hold her, and pick out outfits for her.  They have also tried to help dress her, but discovered it is a little time consuming to dress a floppy baby and so they have left that job to mom and dad.  They also have no interest in changing diapers (any guesses why?? I just don't know :)

when I see my girly I am reminded of a butterfly, for some reason.  I am completely smitten with my babe and I am so excited to see her personality come out and discover who she is.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mish Mash from the past year

Yes, I am still here and have not become lost in space.  I cannot account for my absence for almost a whole year...I am not even sure where the year went.

For the past 1.5 years I have been trying to organize my house.  I feel like I can see the end of  tunnel.  Everything is slowly getting a designated spot in the house.  Even the junk...it is called the junk drawer.  I tried to organize it, but I discovered I do indeed need a place for those random bits and pieces that have no other home.  So, junk drawer it is.  Everything else is coming together nicely.

The best part is, the more organized my house feels, the more organized I feel.  My time feels more organized and so do my thoughts.  I guess I let my physical environment really affect my life.

Lulu finished kindergarten.  She loved it.  I thought about homeschooling off and on, but we decided to send her to school because she was so excited to go.  I am enjoying summer with all my little duckies at home.  Sometimes I wish I was homeschooling, but life is simpler without that added to the schedule as well.

All the kids just finished their swim lessons for the summer.  I love seeing their confidence increase!  I have one who is hesitant to try new skills in the water, but when she does, she loves it!  I have another child that has no fear in the water, and sometimes that scares me a little!  She has more confidence than skill, so I don't dare let her   roam far from me at the pool because I can see her getting in over her head before she realizes it.  The last little munchkin likes the water for about 15 minutes, then says, "I'm hopping out now."  I think he gets too cold too quickly.  We usually swim in the evening shade, when Dad is free to join us.  Perhaps he would enjoy it more in the heat of the day.

Summer is flying by too quickly.  We haven't done much out of the ordinary.  Our days are pretty much like this...wake up and lounge for a bit, do morning chores, do some morning learning activities to keep little minds sharp, eat lunch, have quiet time, play outside, get ready for Dad to come home.  Some days we go to the park, splash pad, or library and some mornings we go to the store, but nothing too exciting.  We finally made our summer bucket lists so hopefully we will get out more and have some memorable fun.

The biggest news by far is that our family will be increasing in size again.  We felt like there was a #4 in store for our family and we are going to welcome another girl at the end of September!!!  That is only three months away, which doesn't seem like very long at all.  Hubby and I had always decided on 4 kids, so it will likely be our last.  That feels so bittersweet, but I am not planning to keep having children indefinitely!!!  I would be open to a #5 if I really felt strongly like there should be one....but we will enjoy our #4 for now and not worry too much about that for the time being!  Once again, we are stuck on names.  We each have a list, and none of our names seem to match up.  There are so many girls in our family and so many girls in the families of our friends that it is hard to find a name that is pretty and we both like that is not in use with someone close by...we have already stolen a couple of our other childrens' names!

I am not sure what else is noteworthy right now.  My brain gets fried easily it seems.  That and I get so tired when I am pregnant.  I manage to escape morning sickness but I spend the first three months either feeling like a jumble of nerves or just wanting to sleep.  I guess I just have crazy, abnormal hormones.

HOpefully I will get back in the swing of things and write semi-regularly.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Learning Curve

The more I learn, the more I realize I don't really know much after all.  I might not be in formal school, but life tends to be a pretty reliable teacher.  I try to learn new things as often as I can.  I thought of a few things I've learned so far this summer...

1.  Thanks to a youtube video and a $4 part at the appliance store, I learned how to fix the agitator on the washing machine.

2.  An abundance of tomatoes necessitated learning how to make and can my own spaghetti sauce.  The house smelled so wonderful too.

3.  At a RS meeting, I learned the benefits of planting a veggie garden the Native American way- plant corn, beans, and squash together.  The beans provide the corn with the nitrogen they need to grow, the corn stalks serve as poles for the beans, and the squash provides a natural ground cover and helps repel pests, thanks to its prickly surface.

4.  Two of my kids have eczema, and I have had a hard time getting rid of Spike's flares.  I found an actual medical study claiming that dipping in a solution of 2tsp bleach to gallon of water led to a dramatic improvement of the rash.  I haven't mixed up a tub of bleach water or anything, but I have taken the kids swimming any chance I can get.

5.  Speaking of swimming, I've been trying to be a more efficient swimmer.  I guess I swim all right enough to get from A to B, and I love to be in the water, but I wouldn't consider myself a strong swimmer or anything.  I've been trying to get the right technique down for freestyle and breast strokes.

Now, here are a few more things I either really would like to learn or need to learn.

1.  Pruning fruit trees the right way.  We planted the trees, now we need to take care of the trees.

2.  Ballet!  I would love to learn ballet!  I doubt I will end up pursuing this one, unless it is a DIY video or something, but I would love to have that kind of grace.

3.  Fam History- I once started collecting stories from my grandparents and I really ought to take it up again so I can pass down family stories to my descendants.

Friday, April 27, 2012

there is nothing in life that has ever made me feel more humble than to hear my children saying their little prayers.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daily Dose of Kid

Little Bunny was monkeying around on Saturday, slipped and fell, and broke her arm. Her cast is so huge on her and every time I look at her I can't help but have a broken heart for her pain and discomfort. She has been such a trooper through it all and is insisting on doing most things by herself still.

Today she cracked me up about it though. The girls were outside playing this morning and came in with dirty hands and feet. I helped them clean up and then Bunny wanted to play with her toy in the sink. I wouldn't let her since her cast can't get wet, so I shooed everyone out of the bathroom and closed the door. The girls went in their room and I guess Bunny thought I was out of earshot when she said to Lulu, "When Mom isn't looking, open the bathroom door for me." Ha ha! Busted!

Onto Lulu...perhaps she has a secret boyfriend. I found a note written in distinct Lulu handwriting that said, "COL ME." Well, I see she is skipping texting and is pursuing relationships the old-fashioned way, via phone call.

I can't forget little Spike. He has been acheiving major milestones! For example, just the other day he successfully unrolled half a roll of TP. Yesterday he went crawling to the door saying, "Meow!" I hope I translated correctly when I took it to mean he wanted to see the cat, not that he wanted to be a cat and eat the cat food. Later this evening he looked up at me with eyes the size of the moon and I could see all the love and trust in that little gaze. Awww, that is the kind of thing that melts my heart.

Today (3/12) the girls were entertained for a good 20 minutes by chasing around a moth that flew in the door. They named it Martho and every time the moth would land on the wall and be still, they were right there to talk to it. Bunny was overheard by saying, "I want a pet moth." ??? Do many kids really want a pet moth?? B caught the moth and put it outside after convincing them that the moth would be much happier out than in. Lulu now has it in her head that her moth friend is going to come back next Monday to play chase again. Silly, silly girls!